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Iconic Locations

One of the really cool things about Matts plans for Ascension is the inclusion of iconic locations throughout the various periods of gaming that we are going to use it for.

For instance it maybe that the Gallows used by the infamous Hanging Judge (once hanged 17 people in a single day) that forms a centre piece for our Dead Mans Hand games will by the time Fistful of Kung Fu rolls around have just become a treasured landmark – though I imagine in Post Apocalyptic in will be in full use again.

This plan has enabled me to go slightly wild and make actual models for these locations that will form part of the scenery for the games.

Next up for us is going to be a Fistful of Kung Fu game (probably a series of mini games fought out over a day) featuring the Ascension Police Department (totally in the pocket of the evil Parasol Corporation) and the fun loving, wheeling dealing easy riders of Hogans Biker Gang.  This means of course that we need some terrain to match.

First up we have Hogans Bar. Definately nothing illegal going on here, just a bunch of friendly folks going about their day to day business.  A place where you can relax, have an adult beverage and enjoy the company of a friendly companion.


And for Ascensions finest?  Well the Bangles told us where we could find the cops didn’t they 🙂


Oh and the Donut shop is a #FDWHP goal as well, so point for Mikey


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