The Fools Daily crew and our friends run gaming events all over the country.  This is where you can get the tickets from.

1st – 2nd December 2018 – Only a Winters Tale, a Burrows and Badgers Story Event

Join the inhabitants of Northymbra as the winter solstice approaches for a weekend of yarn telling to rival that of the great bard himself.  Heroes will emerge, villains be dispatched and a smashing time will be had by all.

This is a multi game story based campaign day / weekend for both new and experienced players of Burrows and Badgers.  The scenarios you play will be dependant on your chosen faction and are asymmetrical meaning that if you come for two days and play a different faction on the second day you will get a different story.

Jo and Michael from Oathsworn will be in attendance and playing so hopefully we can get them to talk about the future plans for the game and maybe even sell you some new miniatures!

The event will be held at Newbridge High School, Forest Road, Coalville, Leicestershire LE67 3SJ and tickets are on sale now.

A Winters Tale (Weekend)

A ticket for both days of the Winters Tale event


A Winters Tale (Saturday)

A ticket for Saturday of the Winters Tale event


A Winters Tale (Sunday)

A ticket for Sunday of the Winters Tale event