So Whats Happening in 2018 for “It’s me Conrad”?

The two biggest issues that I have had to deal with, preventing me to do more hobby in 2017 have been lack of time and not having the energy to do stuff. I have to address these to allow myself to progress with more hobby stuff. So to start with as far as energy to do stuff, there are 2 things that I need to do. The number one thing is to lose 2 stones and I want to do this within the first quarter of 2018. Of course I will be supporting Mind too whilst doing this. The other is a combination of not enough sleep, not being fit enough, improving my health and planning my time better and being focused on achieving something within a strict timebox. As I sit here at 23:38 typing this article out, clearly not enough sleep needs some work! Getting fitter should come with losing weight so this will be a quarter 2 onwards goal. My health issues I will just have to trust in the NHS to solve! As far as planning is concerned, I will be using Agile methodology to try and provide a prioritised small backlog to work on in timeboxed sprints (probably 2 weeks to a month). If you don’t know what that last bit means, don’t worry. My current Job Role is a Scrum Master (well actually I’m a Senior Agile Delivery Lead but who cares!) and I’ve been working using Agile specifically Scrum and Kanban to facilitate development team and Dev Ops techies to deliver on work. I’ve been using Trello for a while now to try and help me focus on hobby and after much thought, I’ve decided to continue using this to track and plan my hobby work. I’m going to create a tight backlog of tasks based on my hobby requirements for 2018. This will in the main stay static unless something comes along that is shiny and will therefore force me to re-prioritise my backlog of tasks. Trello is free to use and although I do not like Kanban as much as Scrum, I can’t see using Scrum to deliver on hobby tasks as I am not able to determine my availability well enough during a Sprint. As you are in theory meant to delivery every sprint, that makes using Scrum an impossibility for me. I can feel eyes glazing over at this point as people think WTF are you on about Conrad! Essentially I’m creating a to do list of tasks which is prioritised and then working on the highest priority task, moving it in to an In Progress state. Once that task is completed, it’s moved in to a Complete status. I may elaborate on the status, for example a demo status, where I have to take a photo of the end result may appear.

Other things I would personally like to do in 2018 is to get a better paid job. With my recent promotion I managed to close the gap in salary to where I was when my job role was made redundant back in 2014 from GE Healthcare. I currently work for HMRC (yes I know) but need to continue on my journey, striving to close that gap.

One last thing which I have greatly missed in 2017 is recording Fools Daily. Although Mike has suggested an ambitious 3 episodes a week, actually getting a cadence of 1 a week would be a big move forward, so I would definitely look to start there. I’m really interested in the video/vidcast idea that he mentions in his article but would look for some more ideas as to where that will go before volunteering my time which is already under pressure to allow me to complete my hobby tasks for 2018.

So on to the real hobby stuff now, what do I actually want to achieve in 2018?

  • Build more Ad Mech. I need to currently move to 1500pts and then 2000pts to allow me to play in the club narrative campaign. We are on to the 2nd chapter of this and it requires 2000pts. Currently I have just over 1000pts. So this is going to be a top priority for me.
  • Complete painting my BA British Army force. This needs to be a slow burn task for me. Small groups to allow progress but not too much to make me become sick of painting them and feeling like it is just one of those jobs that you just do not want to do.
  • Get some paint on the Ad Mech. I have no aspirations as to how far I get on this one. Obviously every gamer’s dream is to play with a fully painted army but I have to be realistic about this. I suspect the first thing to decide upon is whether the resultant paint job is going to be a labour of love or functional and to a tabletop standard. I suspect it will be a mix of both.
  • Continue to play and support the 40k club narrative campaign and to play 40k in general. I can see good things with the campaign and it will result in huge multi-player battles at some point this year. I am really looking forward to this. I have no inclination to play 40k competitively though.
  • I definitely want to attend at least one Bolt Action gaming weekend event. I suspect that this will be either Britcon or the Welsh Open.
  • Play more Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. With a new revamped rule book out this year (who knew GDub would do this!) and with the recent 3 games that I have had, I really like this game. There is a potentially of attending a LoTR event later this year but that depends on my availability and finances and the point below.
  • Some of my LoTR figures do have paint on them. There are no many figures like BA so I would like to get my force painted. I suspect that this will be mainly to a tabletop standard with more time spent on something like the Isengard Troll figures and commanders.
  • I still miss playing rank and file fantasy games. Gone are the old days of WFB for me and as much as I like the look of AoS, I cannot afford to spend money on another GW game. As such that means playing more Kings of War. There is a new book out on Jan 22nd (Clash of Kings) adding some extra content to the game. With the club picking up a few KoW players too, I can see that I will get the opportunity to play this again in 2018.
  • Another pseudo fantasy rank and file game is Wrath of Kings. I really enjoyed playing this game and love my Teknis figures. I hope to play some more of this during 2018. As much as I would love to say I’ll get these painted as well during 2018, I just cannot see it happening.
  • Gaslands ….. this has really got me stoked. Going back to the days of GW’s Dark Future and Steve Jackson’s Car Wars, the idea of a road combat game a la Mad Max has always appealed to me. I had hoped that Devils Run Route 666 would help me fill that gap but it has not. Gaslands feels like it may do that for me. I haz all the gubbins and I have ready made vehicles from the aforementioned Devils Run game. All I need is to play and see. I am fairly sure too that this game if pushed at the club will get buy in from many of the club players.
  • Warcradle Studios have taken over the Dystopian IP. They have stated that a new version of the game will be out this year. I look forward to see where this goes and that hopefully I can use my current miniatures with the new version of the game.
  • A few of us have decided to have a regular board games session once a month. We started this during December where we played Dead of Winter. I really enjoyed myself. The next game will be BSG which I love too. I see this as an opportunity to get out some of my older board games to show the group what these are like and compare them to the newer board games of today. I know that these sessions will be fun.
  • Continue to grow and support Tanelorn Wargames Club. I’ve been actively involved with the club since it’s inception in 2001. I want to continue to ensure that the club runs and grows this year. It was an interesting year last year with our move to the EXP Leisure Centre which is a dedicated tabletop, e-gaming and board gaming facility and in East London too! I’m hoping that the venue and the club continue to do well.

So that’s it I think? Not much really ….





Different Class

Much better album.

I have a masterplan, and its a doozy.


First 2018 goal is the cunningly named #spreadthespoons.

Malifaux is the only system that I have played at tournaments and I want to change that this year. My goal is to play at 6 different system tournaments. 6. That’s a bloody lot. AT the moment the systems are likely to be:

Age of Sigmar – Already booked in for the end of Jan. No army painted.

Epic40k – Already booked in for end of Feb. No army painted.

40k – Not booked in yet but do have an army painted.

Saga – Not booked in nor army painted.

Guildball – not booked in and no team painted.

Game #6 – not sure yet but could be Shadespire, Burrows and Badgers but mostly likely Batman. Crew not painted.

I also have MAGE and Bonescon to work on stuff for so will be a busy few months at the start of the year.


I’m also going to have a crack the #365/365 challenge (paint 365 miniatures during the year) as I have several full scale armies to paint. I want to revisit some historical gaming with NGN (currently planning 10mm ACW and WW2). He’ll want to have a go at Gangs of War too (so far the only new game that I am looking forward to trying in 2018 – and I already have the figures that I need!).

Gonna try to keep count of the purchases and sales of stuff on here too. Gotta show some restraint this year, mortgage to get and all that grown up stuff.

2018 Day 1

Miniatures purchased – 0

Miniatures painted – 0

Miniatures sold – 0

Lbs lost – 0

As Mike said, we must get back into the habit of regularly gaming, and that will lead to recording stuff and we can get into the cycle again. I’m hoping that either Monday or Friday can become a regular gaming day.


Last and by no means least in the #mindovermatter challenge. It has been really heartening to see the support that the Mfx community has put into supporting Mike and my favourite charity. We raised in excess of £1k at a single tournament and hopefully will be able to double that during the course of this year. The number of people in the hobby (myself included) have issues with mental health and as such, we all know someone that may occasionally need help.

The Masterplan

Right lets see them nick this article title, cheeky buggers that they are.

Anyway.  Welcome to 2018, New Year so new gaming resolutions for us to fail at.  Still its fun to at least try to think what you are going to do over the next year, might even do some of it!

This will be the first year in a while where I don’t have several events already booked into the calendar to run which is a nice change of pace as it means I can go with the flow slightly more.  The two three that I have committed to are:

  • Malifaux ITC (nothing needs doing)
  • Butterfly House at Bonescon (loads needs doing)
  • MAGE II sometime in the summer (some stuff needs doing)

and these are going to drive my painting for the first half of the year.

One of the things I am most looking forward to in the Butterfly House is the hybrid 7TV / Dungeon Crawl that i am going to run and I very much want all the models for it to be painted – just base colours if necessary but paint on them at the very least, so this is going to drive the next 6 weeks. If I can I’m also going to try and paint all the terrain as well, perhaps have a terrain painting weekend with the boys and blitz through it all but thats more nebulous.IMG_0421.jpg

After that MAGE takes over and I’m going to commit to having all the models the 7 games that make up the event painted.  Now I have’t fully decided what the 7 games are going to be yet but I’m sure that will all work out fine – they will all be small scale games anyway so its not like I am going to have to do a Matt and paint an AoS / 40k army in 2 days.

This will take me to the  mid year point and I honestly have no idea what I will think about painting next.  Probably all the things that I haven’t painted in the run up to MAGE but lets think happy thoughts right!

Game wise there are a few things on the horizon that I am looking forward to, firstly 2nd Edition SAGA.   I think I have talked on here before about how I love SAGA and would do more if an ‘overly historical attitude to figures’ wasn’t present in the wider scene (which I find slightly ironic given the gamey rulesbending tricks that event players seem to use).  With the forthcoming 2nd Edition though and the expansion into ‘fantasy’ tropes that some of the expansions are promising I hope to get involved in a few events for that.

The 2nd game I am looking forward to is Fallout.  I love the video games and that models that Modephius have been previewing look amazing.  I have some concerns about how the rules have been talked about in the previews but I’m certainly happy to give it a try and worse case scenario, there are plenty of other rules to use the models with.

Final game I am looking forward to is Burrows and Badgers.  The game is fantastic, the models are fantastic and I’m really hoping that it gets the success that it richly deserves.  There is a player base out there waiting for a new ‘Mordheim’ and B&B delivers that experience in spades.  With cute little critters as well 🙂

The final pole in my tripod of gaming is I guess actually doing some.  Need to do what Conrad does (for he is wise like Yoda) and just pick a regular night that we get together and play stuff.  Couple that with some extended gaming days like the recent Christmas gaming we did at Wayland and hopefully I will actually play stuff this year.


Oh I forgot something didn’t I.  Audio and Video.  Will this be the year that we get Fools Daily TV off the ground?  Will we get anything like a regular recording schedule (I’d like to be pushing out 3 episodes a week) Who knows.  I certainly don’t.

Finally, thank you for reading this, coming to one of our events, listening to one of the podcasts or just tweeting at us. We (and I speak for everyone here, its what I do) really appreciate it.

Hope you have a great 2018 and I love each and everyone of you.




Do or don’t look back in anger or not……I don’t bloody know!

My turn, I guess.

2017 has been a busy and interesting year outside of the hobby. Both me and SWMBO have changed jobs, her daughter finished school and we have committed to buying a house together in 2018. I certainly had less depressive episodes during the year, and that is a GOOD THING.


Hobby-wise? Same sh*t, different year!

I didn’t really set much in the way of hobby goals in 2017 other than the plan to play Arcanist in Malifaux for 2017 and hope to beat Pete Shepherd (which I did!!).

I didn’t set any goals around painting (which is just as well)! We all had some fun with #FDWHP for a bit but in the end found that it was just too constraining and the old adage of ‘paint what you want to paint’ brought it to an end.

I did, however, get quite a bit painted earlier in the year and put together a decent looking selection of Arcanist models with a return to my first master, Ramos, and his horde of mechanical spiders. Malifaux has been the cornerstone of my gaming for a very long time and the only game that I have ever played competitively (although some will challenge on how competitive I have ever been!!). I found that during the year, I slowly felt that I had lost the inclination to play Mfx and spent some time trying to figure out why.

Some critics had spoken about the game suffering from an element of model bloat, which I want agreed with but did find it increasingly difficult to figure out what people were using and the potential counter to it. This is undoubtably more about my lack of skills rather than the game, but I had barely scratched the surface of Wave 4 before Wave 5 was upon us and I just couldn’t be arsed. Felt like too many rules that changed the mechanics and too many killer combos for me to enjoy. So I stepped away from the game (and Mike did so too which also probably influenced each others decision).


8th edition 40K arrived which seems to have solved many of the issues that had made me stop playing that game. I have been a 40K fan since the olden days. I love the mythos and grimdark background of the game and had only been frustrated by the speed of the rule edition changes and the codex creep. That and the lack of gaming time with NGN (my long time 40k opponent) had seen me stop playing and sell up lots of the stuff. The new edition got me suitably buzzed enough to buy stuff to rekindle the Tau army that I had previously owned and sign up to play at a local tournament. I had 2 months to assemble and paint 2k points. Easy.

Procrastination left me with 72hrs to assemble and paint 2k points and then circumstances prevented me from attending the event but I did get the bloody stuff painted. I hope to finesse the paint jobs a bit and attend a tournament in 2018 with them.


The General’s Handbook 2017 came out for Age of Sigmar. It got rave reviews and the AoS community seems to get very excited about it. SO I started collecting some bits with a view of getting a Nurgle Daemon army that I could also use for 40K. Well, that has expanded somewhat and I will have a big pool of models for AoS and hope to attend a tourney or two for that too.

As is ever the case, Mike and I encouraged a number of purchases of new rules and toys, many of which we haven’t yet played. Mike shows them on his post and there are some that I am still keen to try out. Dracula’s America and Scrappers deserve a play.

I did manage to flog off some bits that I was never going to use, and that process will continue during 2018 (especially as I will be moving house and could do with less boxes to move!!).

Saw some great movies, and some that were less good.

Not a bad year, I guess but 2018 will be better!!


Love and stuff to wash out of your hair


Do Look Back in Anger ;-)

As Mike has eluded too already, we normally do a retrospective of the year that is about to pass in to the mists of time – 2017. I also normally post something up on the Tanelorn Facebook Club page so I’ve taken a part of that and embellished it with artistic license for this blog. More of it will appear as an article about my hobby hopes for 2018.

It has to be said that we normally cover these retrospectives in a Fools Daily episode. The format of these episodes (yes we usually do at least 2 as we cover multiple peoples) is that Mike does the bestest and we get chastised and graded badly for our appalling efforts. The episode is normally linked to our published or recorded hobby hopes for the current year. I do miss recording and I think it’s something I (we) need to resurrect in 2018.

Overall 2017 was a good year hobby wise though as always, it could have been better. Hobby covers X things for me:-

  • Painting
  • Building
  • Playing at events
  • Playing in general at club and with gaming buddies
  • Any gaming related activites eg. Club, event. Gaming community, recording podcasts

So let’s take those in order.


My main aim for 2017 was to have a painted 1000pt British Bolt Action force. This hasn’t happened. I have a fully painted platoon, a partly painted platoon, an undercoated commando platoon, various painted small teams, HQ and NCO, undercoated Mortar and LMG team and base coat and washed vehicles (universal carriers, a Cromwell and a Humber recce vehicle). For me this is good but I would have liked to have a bit more discipline and finished painting the platoons and teams. I also wanted to finish my Epic Space Wolves force. This did not happen. One thing I did do though is correct the paint scheme on my terminators which will form the basis of the rest of the army when I get around to it. Unfortunately I painted yellow over a brown undercoat thinking that it would be a good thing with the brown allowing a shade in areas the yellow did not get too. Unfortunately the yellow over the brown gave a green tinged yellow to the whole army. With some work I’ve corrected that on two units of terminators.


I feel that I have built a lot of stuff this year.

  • a small handful of Warmachine Cygnar figures to allow me to have some choice in the Warcasters that I play.
  • Dystopian Wars Austrians ships and flyers.
  • 1000pts of Adeptus Mechanicus and I am on the way to completing 1500 pts to allow me to play the new edition of 40k.
  • 700pts worth of an Isengard LoTR/Hobbit force
  • Various MDF terrain pieces for the club’s 40k campaign

Looking back at that list it doesn’t really seem a lot for a whole year. I think that part of this is due to my energy levels being low after coming home from work and lack of time due to other commitments, some of which are gaming related.

Playing at events, club and gaming buddies

I don’t believe that I have done a lot of playing at events this year. The Welsh Open in Cardiff at the South West Gaming Centre is the only event that springs to mind. I always enjoy this more from the social side of things but I always come away from the event with the same old conundrum of wanting to do better at the event but failing to accept that this is not achievable as I do not play H/WM enough to allow me to do this. I’ve lost interest in Malifaux so have not attended any events for this game. I wanted to attend a Bolt Action event but this passed me by due to lack of money for the Welsh BA event and being on holiday for Britcon. There was no Relic Knights this year for me as far as I can remember as the game is in flux at present and is due a new version in 2018. I did attend a Roots of Magic event which was fun with a handful of people. That was it. Comparted to previous years a very poor showing.

I regularly attended the club ie Tanelorn and we have started a 40k narrative campaign. There has been a huge buzz and interest in the game and with over 20 players signing up for the campaign, you can see that there is big buy in from the club. This meant that we had to invest in some new terrain to help support the campaign and the larger group of players playing 40k. Coupled with this the club had to move premises this year as our previous landlords decided to up our hall costs by over 200%. We are now at EXP Leisure which reminds me very much of the old Firestorm Games prior to the move to the South West Gaming Centre. It’s been an interesting year for the club and it really has been wonderful to see so many of the club members taking both and active interest and part in moving the club forward. There is very much an ownership of the club and I’m proud to have been a part of it.

As far as playing with my gaming buddies locally then that has continued with my mates Nigel and Nick. I have a regular game with Nick on a Friday night and this started with H/WM this year but we’ve spent a lot of time playing Bolt Action. More recently we’ve been playing 40k. BA is a great game as it’s tactical, has a narrative to it every time and is extremely cinematic. We are both enjoying 40k too at present especially with the Matched Play Missions in both the rule book and Chapter Approved now.

When I play Nigel I get to play different games. Guildball, Dystopian Wars, Mythos, play testing of the new edition of Relic Knights, board games and finally my introduction to Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit. LotR/Hobbit has been an interesting journey for me. I already had some figures and built extra to get me to a decent sized force. I’ve only had 3 games of this, the last being a 3 player scenario but have absolutely loved playing the game. Dystopian Wars featured heavily this year too and again this was a game that I got heavily in to. It provided a hugely cinematic experience for me and I loved the air/sea games. I backed the Spartan Games Kickstarter for a new version of the rules plus cards and a faction book. It was hugely disappointing to hear that Spartan Games went in to administration thus enforcing a pause on this new found love of their Dystopian War game. Thankfully I was one of the few that got some of my Kickstarter goods – namely the new rule book and cards. I’m missing a faction book. That is lost and the Dystopian World IP has now been purchased by Warcradle Studios, the people who bought Wild West Exodus from Battlefoam. It was a good buy IMHO – tying together the WWE and DW worlds in to one world – the Dystopian Era. I can only hope that the reboot of the game with the new owners will allow me to play this game again in 2018 or I will have to go and play the game again with the old set of rules or not at all. It’s interesting that at present I play no games using old sets of rules at all though we have talked about playing 3rd edition WFB.

I’ve definitely played a lot more board games this year than I have ever done before. Fuelled by Kickstarters that I had received sitting there gathering dust – notably The Others and Blood Rage. But because EXP Leisure has a good range of board games to play this would include Robo Rally, Colt Express and Camel Run!

I’ve loosely still been involved with community events. I had a hand in a Necromunda club event which was put on in association with Yaktribe Necromunda Community. Seeing some of the tables that these guys played on was really inspiring. There were 2 or 3 really beautiful tables. I’ve been helping EXP Leisure grow their table top activities and the club had helped out by lending it’s terrain for a 20+ played AoS event and a small Kings of War event too. The club didn’t run any events really this year. No Malifaux or Guildball events at all.

It doesn’t need me to say it but I’ve done very little recording of podcasts this year too. This is down to the same reasons as my lack of building, namely energy and time. It’s something I do miss.

Another thing that I should mention for 2017 is the great garage clear out which is still ongoing in terms of me ebaying stuff. This very nearly broke me and I came very close to giving up the hobby completely. Seeing that I had so much stuff accumulated over my 40 years in wargaming was demoralising. Whole armies collected and waiting to be actioned as a project. None (may be one) will see the light of day and need to go. It has helped fund my Ad Mech army though and I will have to continue to do this in 2018 – ebay stuff. The one positive thing is that stuff is more or less sorted out and in plastic Really Useful boxes as opposed to cardboard boxes where stuff could get lost and/or damaged.

Finally I should talk about my physical health. I’ve had various issues health wise these past 10 years. Operations for RSI on both hands thus allowing me to paint again. Last year an operation to correct De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis in my left hand – no smutty comments. I’ve also been suffering from Pustular psoriasis on my left foot. This has got to the stage where the heel and base of my foot cracks and it becomes extremely uncomfortable to walk and stand. I will be starting phototherapy for this in late Jan next year for a period of 3-4 months and if that does not work I will be administered some sort of drug that effects my immune system which I’m not happy with but I’ll take it one step at a time. I don’t think gaining 2 stone will help my foot and this is something I will be addressing in quarter 1 of 2018. I’m looking to drop 2 stone in that time period.

With all that said, I’m still positive about 2018 and am hoping that it will be a good year. As for 2017 I’m sure Mike would mark me as an E!

Don’t look back in anger!

Its become sort of traditional in the old social medias to do a retrospective of the gaming year and then look forward to all the things that you are going to fail to do in the new one, and frankly, who am I to be different, its a couple of blog articles at least 🙂

However whilst trying to write this article I found it very very difficult as its been a very funny one in gaming terms in that I have actually done very little.  This has, in the main, been driven by the fact that as I have documented elsewhere, I have fallen out of love with the competitive scene for Malifaux, which is the game that has really sustained the whole hobby experience for the last five years.  This has meant that I have travelled to less events and thus had less hobby immersion – its a well known fact that doing hobby leads to doing more hobby- and this lack of immersion has shown in everything else.  Look at how much audio we have recorded for example.  A shoddy performance to say the least.

The other thing big thing that hit my gaming was the failure of Daffcon.  Given the success of the 2016 event I felt for sure that this was going to be a big stride forward and I could continue to grow my dream of giving all the smaller games out there a platform to collect their fans together and then cross pollinate.  Of course this didn’t happen and I found myself with a failure on my hands.  This not only led to me disappointing the folks who had purchased tickets but also those games producers who had been looking forward to having somewhere to showcase their products.

Both of these basically meant that I didn’t want to do gaming stuff despite trying several initiatives to keep motivation up.   #FDWHP helped for a bit, and I did get some long term projects finished off – I’m particularly pleased that I got the Discworld models completed


–  but like most of these things do, it fell by the wayside as there are only so many weeks you can beat Matt at something without it becoming boring and samey.

Same with #hobbystreak. It started really well with me getting a lot of an AoS undead army built, but then I actually played AoS and my enthusiasm for it went out the window.

In fact that happened a lot this year.   New 40k sounded like the best thing ever but the min maxing that had put me off the scene years ago continued without as much as a pause and with the realisation that despite the change in rules (something which i think is an excellent choice) the same problems with the game remained, its just not something that I want to be involved in.  Still it might actually get me off my arse and make me write down the set of squad based sci fi rules that i have had bouncing around in my head for the past couple of years.  They are probably rubbish but until I write them down I will never know.

My other own game project “Monster Smash!” also stalled as I hit a seemingly impenetrable brick wall in my visualisation of the game and how i wanted it to play.  Fortunately a discussion with the mighty Gav Thorpe (should that be Gemmel Award winning Gav Thorpe?) over a coffee in Bugmans showed me an alternate way that I could achieve what I was thinking about and hopefully that will be something that  I progress in 2018 – more on that in the next blog post though.

Reading back through the above it seems like this has been a disastrous gaming year but there have been some awesome highs as well.  The Malifaux ITC saw 22 teams from around the world descend on Stockport for 2 days of team competition at which everyone seemed to have a great time and I am looking forward to running it again in 2018 immensely.  MAGE was probably my favourite weekend of the year, having so many great friends descend on the house for a weekend where the gaming is very much secondary to having a good crack is an experience like none other.  Only downer about it was missing Conrad, but then I miss him all the time.  Hopefully will see him more in 2018.

Various painting projects took little baby steps forward, especially in my Barbarians and Dragon Rampant is still a game I very much enjoy playing, though our plans for a campaign didn’t really come to anything.  Same as the plans for Ascension though I feel those will continue in 2018, stories and campaigns are definitely the way forward for me.

Also played various new games, top amongst them was the new edition of Batman from Knight Models that gave me the narrative gaming feel that I need – though tbf, no game does it as well as Dead Mans Hand does.

I also managed to sell a lot of stuff including all my old skaven, some of which I had had since the mid 80s.  That was a tough decision but having them around was actually having the affect of holding me back on committing to other things as they were there saying, give us modern paint jobs Mike, bring us up to scratch, so getting them out the house was a big plus.  It has also made selling other stuff easier, if I can get rid of them, then I can get rid of anything.

Also bought a lot of new games.  Failed spectacularly to play any of them, but I did purchase a lot 🙂


One day I might get around to playing some of them.

Right, think thats enough wallowing in the year that was 2017.  Next post will be 2018 hopes and desires.  With a bit of luck it will turn into a much better year.


MIND over matter

We’ve talked in the past about how we at Fools Daily like to support the mental health charity MIND and why we do it but as I was coming home from some Christmas gaming over the weekend I was struck by the fact that over 50% of the people playing had some form of mental health problem.  That is a staggering number.  Now Matt would say that you have to have MH issues to be friends with me (and I probably wouldn’t argue against that) but even so I was shocked when I actually did the maths.   Coupled with the fact that my own family situation has taken a turn for the worse recently – those of you who were at the Malifaux nationals will have noticed that i disappeared before the end to sort out a crisis – I’ve been thinking about what the next money raising event could be.

The other thing that struck me at the weekend is how bad gamers are at keeping weight off.   Several of the folks there, myself included, lost several stone a couple of years ago using Slimming World, but it seems that we have all slipped into old habits and the weight is going back on again.   This is also not a good thing.  Dying earlier means less time to game and who wants that.

So why not combine the two things together which led me to the snazzy article title.

Basically the idea is this.  You can sign up to the Fools Daily Weight Challenge which will run from 1st Jan 2018 to 1st April 2018 (so 3 months) and for every pound of weight you lose, Muddy Banana (one of the other companies I am involved with) will donate a £1 to MIND (maximum of £1000 donation).  Simple.   Obviously we will have to trust you are reporting your weight lose correctly, but tbh, even if you are cheating the money is still going to to a great cause.

To sign up just drop us a not via twitter or facebook letting us know you are going to take part and we will add your name and overall weight lose to a page on the site.

You get some health benefits and MIND gets some cash.

Also if any other gaming companies want to get involved in this, please let me know, after all if your customers live longer you get to make more money, so its a win win 🙂

Next I’ll blog about some gaming stuff, honest.

The Great Conrad Clear Out!

So just read the last blog by my fellow FD dude Mike and am laughing out loud. Why you ask well I predict that the #hobbystreak will last as long as the #FDWHP! That’s not me being tres horrible, its me knowing Mike 😉

Moving swiftly on before they spank me hard over what I have posted above, I have been toying with the idea of blogging about some more general stuff fuelled by my life experience on the cusp of my 55th birthday (yes I know you all find that hard to believe – you are so kind!) This has spewed forth from my psyche based on my horrendous torture of clearing my garage and study for our youngest son’s 21st birthday party (this despite me suggesting we have it in a hall). It was not to be and after what probably worked out to be a week and half’s work on and off (more on these last few Saturday) I am in a place where by I pretty much know whats in the garage and the study (aka man cave) is tidy. This is a good thing on two fronts, one its easier to game in and two Christmas is around the corner and the study is the site for one of the 2 trees we have in our house. More importantly we’ve been here since August 1997 and some of the hobby related stuff in the garage has been there since that time.

The BIG problem that I found myself confronting when clearing was the sheer horror inside me when I opened a new box of stuff up in the garage, not knowing what I was going to find and me then just reaching a point of sheer sadness, negativity and questioning why I had ever bought what I had bought. This feeling took away any of the original positive thoughts and emotions that I had and had stored away in my brain. It also made me reinforce what I have been feeling for the last couple of years – there is only so much time we have and I am not going to be able to do it all. Some of the things I found in there that I forgot I had was a whole Strigoi army based on a gypsy theme, an 28mm Indian ancients army, a 28mm Ancient Greek army, a 15mm ancient greek army, so many figures and so much more too.

This of course has meant that I have become a lot more brutal over what to keep and what to ebay and what to chuck away. Yes I said chuck away. I found myself easily binning stuff where before, I had an emotional connection to this stuff. It was cold and unfeeling (ok there was a little tinge of sadness in some cases).

There is the whole ebay thing. I go through spurts of ebaying stuff. Then I just need a rest away from it. I must continue doing this so that I can move the stuff that I have on to hopefully allow me to fund a little more 40k stuff for my Ad Mech but probably more likely a holiday or dealing with debts I have to pay.

The other issue is that this clear out has definitely effected my urge to game. I find myself lethargic over gaming at present. I still want to game. I love gaming but I feel that the buzz and excitement that you get when you have gotten that bug for a new shiny, has gone. I find myself questioning, is there something new and exciting to play to give me that buzz any more? Take the new GDub Necromunda. Its brand new, its shiny. its had a real proper makeover. GDub are really excelling themselves in being up with the new kids on the block in terms of game mechanics and more importantly they are understanding the hook to get gamers frothing again about their games. Their release schedules and choices all just go to make players excited and want to buy and play more. I look at Necromunda myself  and I’m not feeling it. It may change ofc when the Delaques come out (my favourite gang) but I honestly don’t think so. The same has happened with Shadespire – looks interesting but no thanks.

Looking ahead at 2018 I see continued 40k and Ad Mech, continued Bolt Action and my excursion and dabbling in to LoTR with my Isengard force. I’m hoping that I can play some Relic Knights and am even going to hopefully dabble back in to Wrath of Kinds and Kings of War too. I think I am looking forward to Saga V2 and hopefully DW V? from Warcradle, but at this moment in time I have enough to keep me happy and ticking over.

The first rule of #hobbystreak is …

So a while back Matt and I tried out the Fools Daily Weekly Hobby Pledge (#FDWHP) where we would set ourselves a few hobby goals for the week and then report back how we did with them.  As with all these things it started out swimmingly but after a few weeks we found that it was having the opposite effect on our hobby as it was constraining us to doing a particular thing.

Now for normal folks this wouldn’t be a problem but being the flighty gamers that we are having this sort of restriction on what we could do meant that we ended up not doing anything and thus just went and played on the xbox instead.  This is not good for getting projects done.  However what the last few months have shown is that without some sort of structure / goal / boasting outlet what we end up with is nothing getting done at all as all sorts of procrastination takes place – its why we haven’t done any audio for a while.

Which brings us to #hobbystreak.   Thought up by much cleverer minds that ours – thought I’m not sure who first came up with the idea – this is basically the FDWHP boiled down to a day by day way of recording hobby progress.   The rules are as follows:


Simple right?  As I write this I am up to a 3 day streak and hopefully will be able to push it on for at least a few more days.

So why not join in and see how far you can get your streak.


And now, the end is near

As I write this it is early Saturday morning and I’m about to run the UK Malifaux Nationals for the very last time.  I have very mixed feelings about this weekend and what better to do with that than write a stream of consciousness post and share it with you all.

If you follow me on social media etc. Its no secret that I am not as invested in Malifaux as I have been in the past.  I still really like the game but I’m not a huge fan of the current Gaining Grounds (tournament rules) or the current event meta of heavy summoner crews ending up with a massive activation advantage which means that I don’t go to events which means I don’t want to run events – whole circle of life thing.

In 2012 I went to my very first Malifaux event (run by the always awesome Jo) and had an absolute blast.  I had never played the game before that event but the group of folks that I met were all absolutely awesome and I was hooked.  I started a pretty popular podcast, I went to every event that I could and on the back of those events I amassed a pretty large collection of wooden spoons.  It was great.  So great in fact that I thought I would run my own event (Malifools Midsummer Malifaux Madness) which was something that I thought I would never do again after being heavily involved in the Warhammer scene with the WPS back in the day.

The event went well and then things just seemed to spiral out of control and as is my want, I started to run more and more events as well as go to more and more events.  I picked up the reins of running the rankings when the previous host unceremoniously dumped them and then somehow ended up being a Wyrd Henchman, responsible for promoting the game. Madness.

In 2014 I ran my first Nationals (still called the UKGT then) at York and we got 60 odd people to come along, then next year we filled the York venue to bursting with 80 odd.  It was amazing to see so many people playing the game that i loved at an event I had set up (I won’t lie, its a great ego boost running tournaments) and I set my sights on breaking the 100 player number in 2016.

All the while I was doing events (was up to running 8-10 a year) I was playing as well, travelling all around the country/world to play and with the advent of 2nd edition I had somehow got good at the game.  I won things other than wooden spoons and tbh I think that is where the rot in my mind started to set in.

I started to want to win prizes and my position in the rankings became important to me and that isn’t healthy as it means that on the tabletop I turn into even more of an arsehole than I usually am.  So rather than turn into ‘that guy’ I made a conscious decision to play less and give up some of the things that went with that.  Rankings was the first thing to go and frankly Kai and his group have done a better job than I ever could with it – Bag O Tools is an excellent resource to all Malifaux organisers – but I wanted to stay with the Nationals until I broke that 100 player barrier.

2016 was supposed to be my swan song.   I had sold 128 tickets, every player was getting a ton of swag, folks from all over Europe were making the pilgrimage to come and play and best of all (for my ego certainly) Aaron, Lead Designer of Malifaux, was coming over to hang out with us for the weekend.  Perfect.

And that was the problem.

It was perfect.  From start to finish the event couldn’t have gone better and it would have been the perfect note to go out on, but buoyed by the atmosphere in the hall and the awesome reaction of the players I decided I would do another year.

Which brings us to today.

With the reduced intellectual investment I have in the game comes a certain apathy to running things.  But I had sold 128 tickets (in 10 minutes, crazy) which meant that I had to run the event this weekend,however much I moaned to myself about why I was doing it.  So here we are, ready or not, another 100+ event with participants from all over Europe  My aim is to make it the best damn 2 days of Malifaux I can and then i can go into the sunset knowing that I helped in a little way to get the game to where it is today.

I’d like to thank everyone who I have met over the last 5 years, opponents, fellow TOs and folks who have given up there time to come to something that I have run.  Its been a blast and I have enjoyed nearly every minute of it.

Should have stopped after last year though 🙂