A little bit of seriousness

Last weekend Matt and I ran a very successful (even if we do say so ourselves) Malifaux event at Wayland Games.  Its one of the ongoing Showdown series of events that we run and has been growing steadily event on event.  This one pulled in a fantastic 48 players.

Now according to the MIND website approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem each year and in England, 1 in 6 people report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety and depression) in any given week.

Just think about that.

It means on average 12 of the people playing games that weekend will have a mental health problem this year.  Thats a lot of people.  But thats if we just take the average.

Now think about the sort of folks who tend to be gamers.  We tend to be just ever so slightly out of step with ‘mainstream’ society, hence the nerdy and geeky tags the hobby often gets labeled with, so what do you think  about what that probably means about the mental health of a typical bunch of gamers.

Of my close gaming friends nearly all of them have some form of mental illness (no jokes please about how they have to have to be friends with me).  They might not talk about it publicly but it’s there.  Depression, Social , Suicidal Thoughts and worse.

It as also affected my family life as my eldest daughter has (and still is) suffering.  Every day is a battle for her and I am so proud of how she has pulled her life back from the brink and continues to get up each day.IMG_0346.jpg

So with all this in mind (no pun intended) we at Fools Daily have decided that we are going to do what we can in our own little way to support MIND.  At the event last weekend we held a raffle as we normally do but this time we allowed folks to buy extra raffle tickets and their amazing generosity meant that we raised £150.   Thats fantastic but I’m sure we can do better.

From now on every Fools Daily organised event will have some sort of charity focused component and at our Xmas Malifaux Story Encounter, all proceeds including ticket prices and the super duper charity auction that we are organising will go to MIND.

You can find out more information about Mental Health here and if you fancy just making a donation then I’m sure they will be happy to take your money.

Right, seriousness over, silliness will resume soon but thanks very much for reading.


Every day, in every way…

Better week for me this week. Got the DMH stuff written and published .

Expect the Ascension Tribune to be reporting on incidents through the ages.

Got the point of Saga Knights done too.


And got a couple of units of Tau built. Have written the post but just seeking some photos…half points are a thing, right?


This week sees me with an urge to do lots of different things across several systems so focus may be an issue! No bloody change there then!

1) Work out a 50PL Tau force and get it assembled and based

2) Paint some more Saga Crusaders

3) Paint and work on some Samurai scenery

Hopefully I have a bit of time at home over the next couple of weeks and get get a good chunk of stuff done………bwahahahaha!

Snogs and spanking


Progress means Progress

So this FDWHP is more of a guideline right? These are things I might do.  Maybe.  Perhaps.  If something else doesn’t come along.  Thats how we couched it right?


Oh OK then, another week another failure.

Not horrendously as I did manage to paint one Chibi to a finish and made good solid progress on 2 more, got a lot of paint onto Father Wilsons followers and even started to put some basecoats down on a Burrows and Badger miniature (a lovely Ferret Rogue) .  Still it wasn’t what I said I would be doing as, per usual, stuff happened.


Pirates arrived for Blood and Plunder (found some lovely Elizabethan models from Foundry that I decided to use), some new buildings got made, Skyrim got in the way (Bad Skyrim)



Oh and that Dragon Rampant painting entry I talked about last week.  Yeah didn’t get that done either.

This week it will be all different.  Honest.

  1.  Finish 2 Chibis (different ones from last week)
  2. Do two more pirate type buildings, probably a stables and a hacienda
  3. More DMH progress – they are getting close to finished and having that whole genre locked down will be a big thing.

Right that should do.



Episode 342 – Tell me more, tell me more

In which Mike and Matt do something that you would have thought that they would know better than to do and lay out what the plans they have for the summer. Its like mid year resolutions. Which is frankly a very stupid thing to do. Its especially stupid as if you asked them today what they said they were going to do when they recorded this then I’m pretty sure that they won’t be able to remember and will make some sort of excuse so that they can go back and listen.



Direct Link: http://www.foolsdaily.com/fools_342.mp3

Not getting any better……

So even though I chose some really simple targets for last week, I only managed to get one of them done.

Saga Warlord for my Crusaders completed, based on a 50x50mm GW base with hand painted banner and shields.

Nothing else done due to work, life and shitty hotel wifi.

This week,

  1. I will try and complete the battle report from Mike and my game of DMH
  2. Finish at least 1 point of these bloody Crusaders
  3. Write the first blog post for my Tau and assemble at least 1 unit of miniatures for it.

We have Summer Showdown coming up at Wayland this week, but I have no desire to play at the moment, symptomatic of falling out of love with wanting to play Malifaux at present. Perhaps I need to find another game to play at events………..40k? Kings of War? Saga? I like to get out and play and dont really care about winning or losing but need something to act as a painting driver.

Love ya



A worrying trend

I’m not sure I like this.  After starting out strongly this was another week where I didn’t complete my FDWHP goals.

I managed two of them as Father Wilson now has a lovely church to call his own


and my Route 666 stuff is based and undercoated ready for Gaslands


bet despite having 3 days to finish one model I just had no painting mojo and didn’t paint a model for my Chibaki crew.

But then you get weeks like that, where you just don’t feel like picking up a paint brush and doing anything with that side of the hobby.  Its the most time consuming and skill intensive thing that we as hobbyists do – the closest to pure art – and you have to be feeling it or the outcomes will just end up in a pot of paintstripper.

I am feeling it this week though so think i will make my goals all painting related – the kids are on summer holidays so hiding in the office sounds like an excellent plan to me.

Right then

  1. Paint 2 Chisaki Models
  2. Paint a Burrows and Badgers test model
  3. Progress my DMH gang.

In between that lot I need to push on with my Dragon Rampant facebook group competition entry.

Wonder how spectacularly well i can fail at that.




Episode 341 – Its life Jim, but not as we know it.

In which Mike and Matt talk about Bonescon and specifically the plans for the Fools Daily Butterfly House. Before we get there though we wander through SAGA, a trip to Warhammer World and a brief discussion about monochrome painting techniques. Polyglots, that what we are. Must admit I am very excited about the Butterfly House and hopefully if you are a regular listener to this show you are as well. Fun and Frolics will abound as a shining beacon of hope in the mass of competative gaming. Or it will be an utter disaster and Matt and I will be sitting twiddling our thumbs for 3 days. Either way its going to be exciting.

You can get more information on Bonescon here – http://bonescon.com

Direct Link: http://www.foolsdaily.com/fools_341.mp3

Deary Me

Progress report from last week (commencing 10th July).

ebay stuff – all out bar one package (bloke hasnt paid so he is NOT getting his stuff). I made a small fortune from stuff sold on ebay which will fuel hobby needs ie LoTR and 40k. So thats a point!

Managed to move Tanelorn our of it’s old premises at the Ex Serviceman’s Club in Leytonstone to the new venue at EXP Leisure in Stratford. Getting out was easy. I think it took the 5 of us about 20mins. Getting in to the new venue was HARD work. 4 external flights of steps wiped us all out! I shook the hand of one of the Ex Serviceman’s Club Committee members and said thanks for the last 7 years. There were some short mumblings and that was that. Not one bit of interest in what we were doing, if we had somewhere else to go or a thanks for your support over the last few years. Sadness from me.

The new venue is stupendous and reminds me of the early days of Firestorm in Cardiff on Trade Street before it became the South West gaming centre. The club is an an old Wharf warehouse on a canal. Its a pretty awesome building. Some pics can be found on the club Facebook page but you can see some pics on our ABOUT THE CLUB page here http://tanelornwgc.com/index.php/about-the-club-main.

We held our first club day at the new venue on Sunday 16th and there was a real buzz from our club members about the place. It has really excited me moving to EXP. Lets hope it all works out for the greater good as we are calling it the “3rd Age of Tanelorn”. I reckon the move is worth 2 points myself!

One last thing is I managed to get a game of 8th edition 40k at my mate Nick’s house last Friday. Eldar versus Marines. I really enjoyed the game. So much so I have been looking at the rules! I think that as the new Space Marines Codex is coming out for pre-order, its very likely that I will be building an Imperial Fist force to match my Epic Space Marines. I have not been happy with the choice of Tau for a while. The models do not inspire me 100% and that is what drives me hobby wise. I love their vehicles, I love the Kroot, I am not totally taken with the manga-esque troops and suits etc.

So onto the week commening the 17th July. What can I do this week? In my bid to continue clearing stuff out I’m going to try and put as much of my Circle of Orboros stuff on ebay. The simple reality is that I one too many factions for Hordes/Warmachine and I will never have time to finish building and painting these models. I am happy with my Cygnar and Minions – even though the Piggies (minions) are not built.

Secondly I am going to build a troll for LoTR.

Lastly I am going to progress those Brits again – honest I am!